Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My Own Journey

I have always been a very active individual, however, I have a definite sweet tooth and weakness for junk food. This year I have grown more conscious of the foods that I put into my body. In addition, I have made an effort to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • I no longer eat any type of meat. I substitute my meat with olives, nuts, and EGGS.
  • I workout every morning on weekends and everyday when I get home from school. rotate between cardio, core and simply just running.
  • I eat a salad a day, if not more than that. *A salad a day keeps the doctor away* :) 
  • I get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.
  • I wake up between 7-8 every day of the week to get my day started.
  • I no longer eat cereal, power bars or drinks with added sugar in them.
  • I read all ingredients and make sure that they are all natural and lack unnecessary fats or sugars
  • I no longer eat bread daily. I stay away from sandwiches and if I do eat bread, it is always whole wheat or multi grain.
  • I workout with my friends! It makes everything more fun and rewarding.
  • I find new places to walk and run (new trails)
  • I ride my bike occasionally if I am really not in the mood to do any other kind of workout
  • I stay away from most dairy products.
 Overall, I am much happier and confident. I feel great and i strongly advise everyone to find their own path in maintaining a healthy and happy life.

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